An integral part of the Greater Toronto Area, Brampton is a vital city with its own personality. Although it is home to several major employers, including Rogers Communications and Chrysler Canada, many Brampton residents commute to other cities. At the same time, these major employers also bring people from outside Brampton into the city for work. That creates a lot of commuter traffic.

Brampton’s main artery, highway 410, connects drivers to Highway 401 towards Pearson Airport as well as through into Toronto. Brampton sees a lot of traffic, and also sees some of the highest crash rates in Ontario, and that places Brampton at the top of the list across Canada for car insurance costs.

With Ontario fighting the high cost of car insurance across the province, it can be a challenge to find a cheap car insurance option, particularly in the GTA. There are a lot of factors that have an impact on insurance premiums in Brampton, and fortunately some of those factors are seeing improvement.

Brampton’s Traffic Challenges

In past years Brampton has ranked at the top of the list for the most collision claims in Ontario, a big part of what impacts insurance rates. The 2013 version of the study, done by Allstate, shows some good news, however: Brampton’s collision rate was down by 25%. It may take some time for these reductions to affect rates, however, as insurance companies revise their rating systems.

The sheer number of drivers on the roads, commuters and locals alike, means a higher risk of a collision in Brampton. The GTA has some of the most congested roads in Canada, and the 2013 Household Survey of Brampton drivers counted over 192,000 people driving their own vehicle to work daily. That’s a lot of drivers and a lot of risk.

The GTA also has the longest commute times in Canada, which means drivers are spending more time in the car. Longer commute times increase insurance rates, since more time spent in the car means more chances for an accident to occur.

Brampton’s population has been growing steadily over the past decades, and shows no signs of slowing. More people mean more cars, and more of a burden on Brampton’s already congested roads.

Crime in Brampton

As crime across Canada has declined over the years overall, Brampton has followed this trend. Statistics Canada’s 2012 reported crime rates at a five-year low. While that’s good news, Brampton still faces higher crime rates than many other areas of the country, a common problem for large metropolitan areas like the GTA.

The Peel Regional Police force that serves Brampton reports that around 2000 cars are stolen annually in the area. The most stolen cars are the Honda Civic and the Ford F350. Car theft is another factor that goes into higher car insurance rates for Brampton drivers. Cars are most often stolen from large parking lots such as shopping centers, but theft from homes is also common in Brampton.

Car Insurance Laws and Fraud in Brampton

Brampton drivers are required to carry auto insurance that meets the province’s legal minimums. Every car insurance policy must have at least $200,000 in third party liability and accident benefits.

Moves by the provincial government to reduce car insurance rates across the province will impact Brampton drivers as well. 2014 legislation changes passed by the Ontario government are intended to reduce fraud, a major problem across the province that has been responsible for higher rates.

Insurance fraud has been on the rise in Brampton, with staged collisions becoming more common. Other common fraud scenarios in the city include faked injuries, and a recent scam that involve a city police constable who was convicted of numerous charges. The new legislation is intended to help combat these types of fraud and bring car insurance rates down in Brampton and across Ontario.

Car Insurance Rates in Brampton

As of 2015, Brampton ranked as the most expensive city in Ontario for car insurance. The study showed that Brampton is 44% above the national average, with an average rate of $2,393 per year. That’s $300 more on average than the city of Toronto, and more than $1000 more than Ontario’s cheapest cities, among which were Kingston and Belleville.

Finding cheap car insurance in Brampton can be a challenge. Shopping around and comparing rates is the best way for drivers in the city to get a better deal. Drivers can also consider new usage-based insurance programs that have been successful in recent years in bringing down rates.

When shopping for a car, avoiding Brampton’s most stolen cars is a good way to help reduce rates. It’s also a good idea to avoid the cars that are the most expensive to insure in the first place, especially in a city with already inflated rates. These can include luxury and foreign vehicles, sports cars, and large SUVs.

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