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Canada’s fastest growing city, Calgary’s population climbed over 1.2 million people in 2015, with over 35,000 people moving to the city since 2014. With that kind of growth comes more cars on Calgary’s roads and more traffic; more than the city has planned for.

The province of Alberta ranks second across Canada for the highest insurance rates, and Calgary ranks as the 6th most expensive city in the province – with the number one spot geld by Edmonton. The average insurance price, based in a 35-year-old driver with a clean record, was $1,117 according to one study of rates across the province. Rates for younger drivers are much higher, as much as double these numbers in some cases.

That means finding the cheapest car insurance in Calgary is easier than in some other Alberta cities, and in spite of incredible population growth, it’s still possible to get affordable rates.

On The Road in Calgary

Calgary drivers spend a lot of time commuting, and as of 2011 statistics, 76.7% of commuters stated they travel by passenger vehicle. 71.3% of the total were the driver, which means there are a lot of vehicles with just one person aboard.

Calgary’s average commute times in 2011 were reported at 27 minutes, among the highest in the country. A 2014 study ranked Calgary as the 5th most congested traffic city in Canada, not surprising given the population growth.

In addition to the Calgary residents on the road, drivers commute into the city from surrounding communities, adding to the number of people on the roads during rush hour. Main arteries are the Deerfoot Trail, running north to south through the heart of the city, and Stoney Trail, running around the outskirts of the city. The Trans-Canada Highway also runs through the heart of Calgary.

In spite of more cars on the road, Calgary has reported a reduced number of collisions from 2007 to 2011, with fatal collisions down by almost half, from 39 in 2007 to 20 in 2011.

Calgary Crime Rates

Like all major cities, crime in Calgary varies by neighbourhood, with the downtown core of the city and Beltline area seeing the highest rates, as well as a few eastern neighbourhoods such as Forest Lawn and Dover.

These same areas tend to see the highest rates of car theft, particularly Falconridge and Beltline. The most commonly stolen cars in Calgary tend to fall in line with the statistics in the country overall. Ford trucks and the Honda Civic top the list. 2013 numbers showed an increase in car theft in the city, although it is down overall by more than half since the 1990s, helping to reduce car insurance rates.

Overall, Calgary enjoys a crime rate lower than many other major Canadian cities, ranking at number 25 out of 33 cities studied in 2013.

Calgary Car Insurance Laws

Car insurance laws in Calgary follow the provincial laws set out for all drivers in Alberta. It is mandatory for all drivers to carry a minimum of $200,000 in third party liability to cover property damage and injury claims on behalf of the driver who is found at fault. Many drivers choose to carry higher limits.

Also required by law is a basic set of accident benefits that apply in the event of injuries or fatalities in an accident regardless of who is at fault. These benefits cover disability income, funeral expenses, rehabilitation, and other costs associated with an accident.

Other car insurance coverage is optional, but may be required by a financial institution if there is a loan on the vehicle.

The Calgary Police must be contacted after an accident if there is more than $2,000 in property damage or if there are any injuries.

Shopping For Car Insurance In Calgary

Thanks to Alberta’s privatized insurance system, Calgary drivers have access to a large number of insurance options and can shop around to compare rates; comparison-shopping is by far the best tool for finding cheap car insurance.

Calgary rates are controlled by the Alberta government’s Grid Rating system, which puts a maximum limit on what any car insurance company can charge for a particular driving record. That means drivers won’t pay more than that maximum, but can certainly pay a lot less by comparison shopping.

Although usage-based insurance, the latest technology that is growing in popularity in the U.S. and in a few Canadian markets, hasn’t hit Calgary yet, it is likely not far off on the horizon and will likely make a difference in insurance rates in the next few years. In the meantime, Calgary drivers can save the most money by maintaining a clean driving record, bundling auto and home insurance together to obtain discounts, and carefully comparing rates.

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